At BB Equestrian, we work hard to ensure the well-being of all of our horses. We offer the following boarding options:


Full Board $575/monthly 
  • Selected Grain 2x a day
  • Stall Cleaning 1x daily
  • Hay & water
  • Holding for Vet & Farrier
  • Blanketing (Up to 3 blankets)
  • 12- hour group turnout
Full board with Private Turnout –$675/ monthly
  • Includes everything with Full Board + private turnout

Lay Up Full board $715/monthly –  For horses needing stall rest for one month or longer

  • Full board minus turnout
  • Hooves picked 1x daily + thrush buster
  • Stall cleaning 2x daily
  • Wrapping and Bandaging if necessary

Short Term or Layover board $35/day

  • Overnight board with field or stall options available
  • Hay and Water
  • Stall cleaning 1x daily
  • Parking for RV or Trailer

Horse Feed

BB Equestrian offers the following feed choices (which are included in your board):

  • Triple crown Complete feed for the active working horse
  • Triple Crown Senior for the older horse
  • Triple Crown Lite for the easy keeper/ponies

BB Equestrian will be happy to feed your horse the feed of your choice as provided by the owner.  We offer premium quality, nutrient dense, horse-tested grass hay. We prefer to keep a natural balance in horses’ diets and do not offer worming unless designated by a veterinarian post-fecal test.


BB Equestrian is happy to offer the Smartpak Barn Buddy system to ensure horses are receiving the appropriate measures of supplements designated specifically to them. BB Equestrian asks that, when possible, you order your supplements through Smartpak or pre-measure and bag your supplements.

IF your horse needs limited stall rest, please see Brenna to customize a schedule best suited for your horse’s needs.


A La Carte menu:


  • Grooming (thorough brushing + hoof picking)  – $15
  • Grooming (Off Farm) – $35
  • Trailering  – $2.20/loaded mile
  • Exercise ride (45 minutes) -$25
  • Wrapping/bandaging (with supplies provided by owner) -$10 daily
  • (Supplies provided by barn) – $15 daily
  • Ring fee for trailer in’s -$10/person